The Ugly Sneaker: Yay Or Nay?

The ugly sneaker; we've all seen it, but is this a trend worth trying?


The ugly shoe, although still a relatively new trend, has already evolved over the past few seasons. We all know that thanks to our hyper-digital world, information on the latest fashions is available right at our fingertips. The accessibility of information is the catalyst for trends turning over in the blink of an eye. New things no longer seem as fresh because they have already been littered all over Instagram feeds. By the time we realize we want something, fashion has already moved onto the next big thing. While the ugly shoe trend is still very controversial, we can only guess that it is set to stay as the hottest shoe on the market. The only question is, does the ugly shoe have longevity? Or is it another fad that we will look back at in a few seasons and wonder, 'what were we thinking?'


If you're going in on this trend, the chunkier the better. Here are some designers who really hit the mark.



Stella McCartney created the versatile 'Eclypse' sneaker as part of her Resort '18 collection. These vegan leather shoes are finished with iridescent rainbow, giving a much needed pop of color to any outfit. Fasten these shoes on with two oversized velcro straps (velcro shoes are another major trend this season) and your outfit will gain instant street style credibility.

Louis Vuitton's LV Archlight Sneakers are the ultimate it shoe of the summer. This pair will set you back over $1,000 due to the mixture of technical fabrics and fine leather crafted in Italy. These sneaks will give you an extra two inches of height with the ultra chunky, wave-like rubber sole. Style influencers everywhere from Kendall Jenner to Carine Roitfeld have been spotted donning the latest from LV.


Balenciaga has come up with a slew of futuristic shoes for their Spring collection. The red, yellow, and blue colorway feels very nostalgic. The dad shoe trend touches on popular fashions from the early 90's and Balenciaga's Triple S sneakers are a fresh take on this old school favorite.


Acne Studios' Manhattan leather, suede, and mesh sneakers in crisp white are swoon worthy. The Swedish retailer offers a more tame style if you aren't ready to dive into the ugly sneaker trend head first. Breathable mesh will allow you to rock this look even as temperatures soar. This versatile, monochromatic pair looks very clean in combination with a midi dress or skirt. 


Platform style soles have been popular over the past few seasons, and they provide a more subtle take on the trend. Alexander McQueen offers the leather exaggerated-sole sneakers in a wide variety of colors, including a rose gold metallic. They even come in pink and silver glitter! While there are many colors to choose from, this neon green color feels freshest for Summer '18. 

90's kids will definitely recognize this pair of Nike's from childhood. The Air Max 95's are a mixture of calf hair, suede, and mesh for ultimate breathability and support. A one inch thick heel provides good cushion, making them the perfect pair to run errands in while staying chic. We love how retro the smokey blue mushroom designer color feels. The wave-like detail is seen again here which is no surprise, since stripes are the hottest print this summer.

Did you ever think you'd see the day that New Balance's 624 X-training sneakers would be the considered chic? Back in the day, these old school sneaks would bring to mind soccer dads in tube socks. Today, that could not be further from the truth. Our only question, why did fashion brands take this long to make comfort finally fashionable?


What do you think of the ugly sneaker? Do you think this trend can this trend stand the test of time? Let us know in the comments below! Xo.

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