Tips and Tricks For Jewelry at the Workplace

Carefully selected blazers, pencil skirts, pumps, casual Fridays . . . navigating workplace attire can be tricky. Balancing being a strong, sexy, independent woman and a sharp-minded, successful business woman and have that show through your appearance, yet remaining appropriately dressed for the workplace. . . Yikes! It can be a lot to handle. Once you have the attire down, then you have to accessorize. Deciding which jewelry is appropriate and practical in the workplace can be difficult to decide as well. This is why we have compiled some very simple and easy tips for rocking your workplace jewelry choices.

Don't overdo it.

We get it. There is a natural instinct to prove yourself to the people around you, an innate desire to stand out. The tensions and rivalry can be especially high in a workplace environment.  Don't let this cloud your judgment. This rule applies whether lounging on the beach, conquering the club or taking over the office, don't overdo your jewelry. Make a statement, go for it, we’ll cheer you on. But just make sure it's a statement and not a monologue. Space large pieces out. Let the bold ring stand by itself without the company of a large bangle as well.

Change your mindset.

Don't think of your jewelry as embellishments.  Your jewelry pieces aren't embellishments that add to your ensemble. Instead, think of these additions as finishing touches. You want to attract the attention to you, not distract their attention to your jewelry choices.  You can still layer chains and rings, just do it subtly and make sure it looks cohesive with your look. You want your over-all look to flow nicely, so that you look well put together. Remember, attract - not distract.

Don’t be flashy.

You’ve moved up in the world. We get it. You worked hard to get here and now you’ve gained the financial freedom you work so hard for. It’s natural to want to be proud of that and show it off. We’re not telling you that you can’t. It’s just a good idea to not be flashy with your wealth in the workplace. You want to try to have a balance of sophistication and statement. Wear the high-end bracelet, you deserve it, but don’t layer on the ice. Remember from above, let statements speak for themselves with space and attract, not distract.

Keep it practical

You’re at work after all. Is your jewelry practical for the position and the work you have to do? If you sit at a desk typing most of the day a stunning set of stacking rings is perfect, but the stack of bangles isn’t so practical. If you’re shaking a lot of hands, maybe stick to one or two dainty rings and layer the necklaces instead. When selecting your jewelry in the morning, go through your day in your head and ask yourself if this piece of jewelry is going to be a hindrance or nuisance. You don’t want to go through your day, constantly fixing your jewelry or having it be in your way.

Our last suggestion, stay you. Just because you’re in this workplace or this position doesn’t mean you have to change your style. You just have to keep it appropriate. You can still wear that chunky, chic, bib necklace you love, just don’t over do it in the earring department that day. Keep it practical, spaced out and not too flashy and you should be rocking the workplace like you were born to. Check out our jewelry collections to find the perfect pieces you need to complete your workplace attire. Show us your workplace looks with #mymelroso.

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