Trending Choker Necklaces And Cute Ways To Wear Them

Thanks to a recent 90’s resurgence, we’ve seen choker necklaces rise through the ranks to be one of the top trends of summer 2016. Chokers of different mediums, widths and designs are seen boldly worn alone or layered with other necklaces (sometimes other chokers) to create the perfect look. Just for you, we have the different styles of choker necklaces that are trending this summer and some fashionably cute ways to wear them.

What types of choker necklaces are trending?

Leather, lace, velvet, metal, chains - no matter the medium the choker you love probably falls in line with current summer trends. In all honesty, the choker trend actually includes two different necklace lengths; the collar and the choker.  The collar is 12-14 inches and is designed to wrap closely around the neck. It is supposed to sit tightly against the neck, above the collarbone. This type of necklace is especially flattering on tall, slim necks. The choker is 14-16 inches and is designed to sit around the base of the neck. Depending on the style it can wrap loosely around or be tightly situated against the base of the throat. Either way, this necklace length lies in the hollow of the throat. Actually, with some chokers that have layers of chains extending down from them it can reach the princess length as well, which is a length designed to sit right on the collarbone.

Okay, okay - But what’s trending?? According to Harpers Bazaar black chokers of varying widths are being seen in great popularity in the modelling world. We love the chokers that have layered chains; it adds a clever mix to the ensemble and creates the layered look simply and effortlessly. Chokers that have big and bold feature are also in the top trends, for those of you that like statement pieces.

Some styling tips for rocking the choker necklace trend.

So, you’ve found a choker that you have absolutely fallen in love with - now how do you style it? We’ve got your back. The BEST thing about chokers? Their strategic length makes them the perfect accessory to literally anything. Every girl has a little black dress a.k.a. LBD - pair this classic dress with a choker that catches the light. You’ll be the belle of the ball - or hottie at the night-club. Love the layered look? A choker that’s all-in-one with layered chains makes this look effortless and perfectly on point with trends or layer with your other favorite necklaces.

The collar choker, that sits tightly against the neck, is worn best with open-neck clothing. This includes shirts with scoop necks, button-ups, v-necks, off-the-shoulder tops and boatnecks. Chokers also do very well with an added enhancer, such as a pendant. Try a detailed lace or leather choker with a simple summer top for a flirty style that’s ready for any summer situation. If you’ve chosen a choker necklace with a statement detail, such as a very large charm, pair this with simple studs. If you go bold with both the choker and the earrings, you’ll look top heavy.

Be sure to check out Melroso’s choker necklace collection for all of your summer trend needs. Elegant or flirty, we’ve got what you’re looking for. How do you style your chokers? Do you have a styling secret we didn’t mention? Share with us #mymelroso!

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