Haati Chai

Making bold statements of individuality, designer Stella Simona takes inspiration from her East Indian culture to create pieces for her brand, Haati Chai. Literally meaning “elephant” and “tea” in Bengali, Stella encourages Haati Chai wearers to think outside the box. Founded in 2011 and based in Los Angeles the Haati Chai brand is popular around the world and has been seen on many Hollywood starlets. This line focuses on blending the intricate and the edgy with contemporary trends. Instead of one or the other, Haati Chai, encompasses both bold and simplistic designs. Designed for everyday function with an added touch of exotic sensuality, we love that Haati Chai jewelry allows the wearer to make a stunning statement without heavy drama. Bold unique earrings, delicate sexy body chains, you can find your story with Haati Chai. Browse our full curated collection from Haati Chai jewelry to find your new favorite!