Vanessa Mooney

This self-named jewelry brand was founded by Vanessa Mooney in 2009. Attributing her development and concept of fashion to movies, Mooney fuses different eras, continents and styles into her collections and the Vanessa Mooney brand is described as being the “product of all things creative.” This self-taught jewelry designer doesn’t find inspiration in just one place, but from traveling, music, painters, revolutions and all walks of life. She’s always looking and watching and her jewelry expresses the sights, feelings and ideas she has. When asked to describe the Vanessa Mooney brand she responded “bohemian in it’s true rebellious nature.” We love Vanessa Mooney’s jewelry pieces because she designs pieces that transition easily from day to night. Her designs also appeal to a wide audience, so that any girl can wear a piece and feel special. Browse our full curated collection from Vanessa Mooney jewelry to find your new favorite!